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Building Community Voice


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Child Sponsorship Program
#17A, Street 468, Sangkat Toul Tompoung 1, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
098 885 625 / 012 307 027

Member Background

BCV operates on a theory of change that has two major tenets: 1) change must be bottom-up, based in and led by communities and those people who are most affected by the issues at hand; and 2) in order to create a vibrant, strong and effective civil society, NGOs and communities must communicate, share, collaborate and work in close partnerships. BCV seeks to model these two values in all aspects of its work. In addition, BCV recognizes that it is often the poor and most marginalized in our communities that are also the most disproportionately affected by climate change, land loss, and other poverty-increasing events. Out of an awareness of this fact, BCV is intentional in its support of gender and minority mainstreaming. Internally, it prioritizes women hires and externally, it tracks how many men versus women attend its trainings.

Member Vision

Communities are self-determination, networked with a vibrant civil society, and sustainably leading their own development.

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To provide community organizing, community media and networking capacity building support to Cambodian communities and community organizations to help them communicate with each other and with outside stakeholders.

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