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Children Action for Development


Lead By: Youth
Child Education and Child Protection
House # 575, Gr. 32, Street 557, Sangkat Chamkasamrong, Battambang Municipality Battambang Province, Cambodia
089 68 73 63/ 089 68 75 86

Member Background

CAD programs are directed at reducing child labour, increasing education and reintegration into formal school systems and providing poor families with income generation and sustainable livelihoods. CAD raises awareness and provides training in parenting skills and children’s rights within the community to benefit every child in order for them reach their full potential.

Member Vision

Children Action for Development (CAD) vision is of a happy, loving and understanding family environment which supports the full and harmonious development of children. CAD respects and supports the efforts of parents and other caregivers to care for children in family environment.

Member Mission

Children’s Action for Development (CAD)’s mission is to improve the standard of living and well-being of children by providing a safe, secure environment and education opportunities to the best interest of the children.

Member Goal

CAD’s aim is to tackle major problems around education for children in rural areas in Cambodia. Many children drop out because parents take their children out of school to work on the land. This creates many basic problems for children at a very young age and is a cycle that CAD wishes to break through its work.

Member Staff

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Program/Project Activities

Project Name Location Year
Supplementary Education Class Project Battambang 2013
Child-Friendly School Project Battambang 2013
Key Contact Person
Mr. Thy Bunrith
Executive Director
089 68 73 63 /089 68 75 86
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